The Batik Kimono

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The Batik Kimono  Top
The Batik Kimono  Top

The ubiquitous batik of Bali is as variable in quality as wine. The great difference lies not only in the base fabric on which the batik patterns are applied but in the method of creating the patterns themselves.

Batik Tulis is known as ‘the true batik’ and is far more painstaking to create. Unlike the common printed or stamped batik, batik tulis is made by hand-drawing the patterns onto the fabric with wax. The fabric is then dyed with one colour which is resisted by the wax, then the wax is removed and more is drawn onto the fabric to prepare it for the second colour dyeing.

SOUQ’s batik is made in a traditional community in the textile region of north-east Bali. Our artisans use premium silk and only natural dyes made from tea to create the rich golden colours and flowers for the iridescent indigo.

SOUQ’s kimono drapes beautifully with the weight of the silk.

Each piece of silk that we source is unique and limited edition. Please contact us on for the different patterns that we have in stock at any one time. 


- One size

- Silk

- Dry clean only


Overall length from top to bottom: 98 cm

*NOTE: Due to its handmade nature no two pieces will be the same.

The Batik Kimono  Top
The Batik Kimono  Top

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