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Mianliao Wedge Sandals - Black

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Mianliao (mee-ahn-lee-ow)

Mianliao is the story of two best friends who share a love of travel and textiles. They live in different countries but meet in places all over the world to scour for the last pieces of exciting fabrics, finding uniqueness and beauty in the print or simply the fabric composition.

All the pieces are made from natural fibres such as silk, linen and cotton but occasionally the girls discover a high-tech or durable synthetic material that they love.

With a background in design and styling, the girls draw design inspiration from the timeless pieces that they have bought over the years to transform the fabrics into fashion that is enduring in concept and quality.

Mianliao is also guided by the principle of conscious consumption; using the last rolls of fabric means there is no waste and also that each collection is a limited edition that cannot be reproduced.

Available in Bronze, Black, and Grey.