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Silk Jacquard Decorative Cushion Covers (set of 2) - Pink

Sale price Price $80.00 (USD) Regular price $150.00 (USD)

These sophisticated patterned silk jacquard cushion covers display an intricately woven reflective design with a tonal pattern woven in. This unique pattern is produced by an elaborate sequence of raising and lowering the threads so that the weft will lie either above or below the welt to create the ’shadow' effect.

Material: Chinese Silk
Dimensions: 49 cm x 55 cm
Front & rear design is the same.

Available in Purple, Pink, and Yellow/Green

*Please note: Price is for cushion cover only - inserts not sold online due to high shipping costs. Standard sizes can generally be purchased in your home country for less than the cost to ship. But if you would prefer to purchase through SOUQ please contact us here.