The Songket Kaftan

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The Songket Kaftan  Dress
The Songket Kaftan  Dress

Traditionally seen enveloping the bodies of royalty in the courts of kingdoms in Indonesia, Songket is considered the most prestigious and luxurious of all the Indonesian textiles. These days, Songket is donned only for the most special of ceremonies such as weddings or teeth-filings and a Balinese person would likely own only a single piece of Songket in their lifetime.

The intricacy in each piece of Songket requires a single person two months to create on a backstrap loom; though it looks like embroidery, each motif is meticulously woven into the cloth as it is made.

The motifs and colours used in Songket are particular to the regions where each piece is made – SOUQ’s Songket Kaftan is made by the Sasak community in Lombok. The fabric is then sent to us in Bali where a community of women create the kaftan with a blanket-stitch finish.

The perfect resort wear for evening or day time, the Songket Kaftan is a precious souvenir from the Island of the Gods.


- One size

- 100% Cotton

- Dry clean only


Width from shoulder to shoulder: 70 cm

Overall length from top to bottom: 87 cm

*NOTE: Due to its handmade nature no two pieces will be the same.

The Songket Kaftan  Dress
The Songket Kaftan  Dress

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