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An Introduction to Contemporary Classics Made New

SOUQ has earned a reputation for supporting new creative talent and helping these young design conscious brands reach a wider audience.

Sophie Gargett and Michelle Lai with VIP customers and guests

With the inspiration for MISCHA’s new Hideaway Collection being SOUQ’s home of Bali and it’s rich heritage in textiles, there is a beautiful synergy between SOUQ and MISCHA.

Peter Kemp, Sophie Gargett, and Michelle Lai talk SOUQ and MISCHA
Jennifer Bachdim and Michelle Lai

 This event launched MISCHA in Bali and offered everyone a unique experience with the brand as well as the designer, Michelle Lai. Michelle has a long-standing commitment to empowering women, expressed through her work with The Women’s Foundation and charities supporting girls education. Michelle was invited to be a speaker at TED X Youth Hong Kong in 2013 and was featured in Star World TV’s Inspiring Women special for International Women’s Day in 2014.

The ever-famous SOUQ carrot cake and honey & cardamom morning buns

 Whilst being served Mango Bellini and a list of tasty dishes not on our menu (such as Portabello mushrooms , mini cured salmon bagels, honey & cardamom morning buns, etc.) guests were able to take a closer look at the new collection and get an insider perspective on it direct from the Deisgner, Michelle Lai.

MISCHA at SOUQ: The Resort Hideaway Collection

 The Hideaway Collection is a resort capsule collection for SS2017 which is inspired by Balinese textiles and celebrates balmy summer nights, lush green rice paddy fields and sun-kissed skin.

The pattern is printed with silkscreen and features the MISCHA signature print superimposed onto a miniature version of the print, reminiscent of traditional Balinese Ikat weaving.

The new collection is made with coated-canvas, reminiscent of old-school luxury luggage, and combined with modern graphics and impeccable design details. The sophisticated aesthetic of the collection has very Helmut Newton-esque era vibes that work beautifully to compliment the other offerings at SOUQ.

The champagne brunch launch started at 10.30 am and unlike the usual fare in Bali, guests started to arrive on time and on schedule. Among them were our friends from the PTT Family (Potatohead and Katamama), the Seminyak Village, the W hotel – Bali, The Yak, The Honeycombers, and BestinBali.

VIP Friends and Family
Jennifer Bachdim at SOUQ X MISCHA

 With our VIP bloggers such as Tabitha (Heels and Beyond), Sally Diana (DSallyna), and Jennifer Bachdim (JBachdim) giving us a wider virtual audience in Asia as the event went on.

VIP Bloggers Tabitha Budiman and Sally Diana

VIP guests were greeted with a collection of gifts courtesy of SOUQ and Cocoon Medical Spa, our partner for the event, including a gold treatment mask (a spa favourite in Bali). All in all, it was one of those mornings that should happen every Friday x

From left to right: Sophie Gargett, Ray Hafizd, Michelle Lai, and Jennifer Bachdim

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