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A Yarn About Cashmere

The Mongolians call cashmere 'soft gold' for its luxury and rarity; it is the softest natural fibre on the planet and a single goat grows only 200g of fine hair - barely enough to knit one sweater.

Kid Cashmere

But there's something else that is inherently special and little-known about cashmere. Unlike cotton which requires tonnes of water and acres of land to grow, or wool which is shorn from sheep that are farmed for their coats, cashmere is an innately sustainable and renewable resource. The nomadic farmers of Mongolia raise their goats on the green grasslands, moving once the pastures are stripped to allow the land to regenerate. When the spring arrives and the goats no longer need their undercoat for warmth, the cashmere is gently combed from them.

In a world of fast fashion and ever-mounting fashion waste, it's comforting to know that there is still something beautiful and durable that you can feel good about buying. 

KID is a brand of pure Mongolian cashmere knitwear designed for men, women and home. Sophie and Peter, the owners of SOUQ, began this brand when they lived in Shanghai before moving to Bali. They travelled to Mongolia to source their cashmere and worked with artisans in small mills and environmentally-friendly cooperatives to turn the yarn into KID garments. 

KID's focus is beauty and quality - not fashion. They create simple designs from premium cashmere so they will last forever. Just like your grandmother's cashmere did. 

SOUQ is now the exclusive home to KID cashmere. 

You may wonder why KID is any different from other cashmere brands: KID uses only pure premium cashmere. Just like wine, there is good and bad cashmere (often these days it is not even cashmere at all). The fiber can be thick or thin, coarse or smooth, long or short. These things affect how fine and soft the cashmere is and whether your garment will 'pill'.  They are what separate the goats from the sheep, so to speak.

But why sell cashmere in an equatorial country? Just when you think cashmere can't be any more amazing, it also has excellent thermal-regulation qualities. This means that its insulating properties change with the atmosphere making it able to modulate the body’s temperature: warm in winter, cool in summer. 

Treated properly, real and pure cashmere will get softer and better with age..

Make a choice to invest in fashion. Consider buying one beautiful lasting thing instead of the ten you'll throw away at the end of the season.  Click here to view our KID products in store that are made to endure.

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