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Our Story


Between them, Sophie & Peter have spent 50 years living, working and travelling in Asia. Their exploration of the far-reaches of the continent have revealed beautiful traditional techniques and design that are unrepresented in commercial contexts.


With Peter’s background in design and Sophie’s eye for aesthetics, the idea for SOUQ was conceived to bring to the market original design that has it roots in traditional craft.


Combining old-world crafts and materials with avant-garde design, SOUQ creates a new sophisticated style that is at once traditional and at the same time modern. In working with local artisans from remote and inspiring cultures, SOUQ gives the global market access to the uniqueness of these traditions that might otherwise remain unseen.


And in doing so, provides a livelihood that enables them to keep their traditional skills and culture alive for future generations.

We understand the hard work and love that goes into creation so we do not condone copying and whole-heartedly believe in the integrity of design.


From the original design of our collections to the ethical means by which our fruits, vegetables and meats are sourced for our café, SOUQ is built around uncompromised integrity and ingenuity.


We believe so strongly in these concepts that we personally identify, evaluate, and select each of SOUQ’s suppliers and materials. From winding road trips into the mountains of Java to long days enduring the harsh, dry climate of Mongolia, SOUQ is powered by passion, creativity and conscience.


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