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Ethical Eating - Using Your Head and Heart When it comes to Food

Nowadays eating isn’t as simple as just grabbing a clean plate of vegetables. Our food now comes with a range of questions like, is it organic? Is it ethical? Is it local? Is it chemical free? Is it seasonal? Is it hormone free? Is it natural? Is it wholesome? I could go on, but the questions and labels will never cease when it comes to food these days.

We’re so saturated by labels and the marketing of healthy food that we’ve either become immune to anything healthy or are so paranoid that we just can’t enjoy our meals anymore.

Luckily we live in one of the most abundant archipelago’s that doesn’t just have beautiful weather but also beautiful farming traditions and a plethora of culinary wealth.

With the rise of the slow food movement, we’ve come to see not just the prominence of organic food but also the rise of ethical restaurants that cater to culinary delights that ease your mind and enrich your heart.

SOUQ Cafe - Bali

Here at SOUQ we’ve always had a soft spot for locally sourced produce that gives back to the community and affords the earth a little more breathing space. We don’t import material for our kitchens and know our suppliers like the back of our hand. We follow the seasons and abide by nature as best we can.

And although we hope you enjoy our vegetarian dishes, we do respect peoples right to choose. Hence, our meats are supplied by people who we know have taken care to meet the animals welfare needs, such as open living spaces, ethically sound and cruelty free farming practices, and a host of other attitudes that won’t break your heart.

SOUQ Cafe - Bali

We believe in getting to know all aspects of our work by utilizing lots of common sense. We know that sustainable practices for everyone else will also mean a sustainable business for us.

Our vegetables and fruit are organic not because we buy into the whole marketing concept of faux-organic food, but because it is a farming model that is traditional to our Island and across Asia, and has been proven to be renewable and worthwhile for our communities.

SOUQ Cafe - Bali

We also have a habit of making our food from scratch (sorry, we don’t have bottled tomato ketchup or mayonnaise – although we do make our own!) This helps make sure that the food tastes as we intended it to. This is also the reason why your order might not be as fast as we would like it to be, but hey… that’s what the slow food movement is all about!

And although we do enjoy touting our own horn, the best part about our work is that it’s a shared sort of love. We enjoy finding those rare venues that give us a different taste of the same kind of joy; like our favorite place for culinary adventure in Ubud: Locavore.

Locavore - Ubud

Led by classically trained chefs Ray and Eelke, the passionate and dedicated kitchen team creates unique and contemporary European fare from the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Artfully presented, meticulously prepared and utterly delicious, the cuisine of Locavore promises an exhilarating fine dining experience motivated by an ingredient-driven menu that celebrates the farmers, fishers and food artisans of Indonesia.

Locavore - Ubud

Over 95% of the kitchen’s ingredients are Indonesian with Locavore’s own garden provideing some seasonal vegetables and herbs, further reducing the huge carbon footprint of imported foods. The kitchen uses Kintamani coffee, hand-crafted sea salt from north Bali, spices from the mountains and fresh seafood from Eastern Indonesia. They also painstakingly source the animals they use in their kitchens, ensuring that they were free ranged, raised on wholesome natural foods and dispatched with respect.

The marriage of fresh, local ingredients with the inspired dishes of these prize-winning chefs has proved enormously popular with international diners who love both the concept and the food. And as always when it comes to excellence - book at least two weeks in advance for a dinner table!

And if you can’t get a table, there is always our go-to supershop in Berawa - Peloton.

Peloton Super Shop - Berawa

The venue stands as a combination of a Vegan Cafe & Bicycle Store, allowing you to share the fun & ease of a conscious lifestyle within an environment that feels communal. Peloton super shop is a one-stop planet friendly shop, with hearty plates that are instagram friendly as well as tasty. With such a comfortable and relaxed vibe, this super store attracts all people from all walks of life. Artists, scientists, food engineers, craftsmen, healers & lovers are all welcome here.

Peloton - Super Shop, Berawa

Let us know what you think about our go-to superfood places in the comments below!

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valerie delahaye-ippolito

Souq, What can one say the best curated cafe in the world. The food is creative, yet healthy and so delicious, the place a feast for the eyes, you just want to buy everything for your home and yourself. You must stop at Souq if you are in Bali, this store is a treasure.
My favorite spot in Bali for sure.

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