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SOUQ’s Guide for Hopping Around Bali this Easter

On the Island of the Gods this Easter? Stick with us as we take you to our most coveted destinations on the Island.

Happy Easter!

Put your feet up...

… at THE SLOW hotel. Best room design in Bali. And if you can’t get in (which you probably can’t since it’s the hottest ticket in town)…

Happy Easter!

...Just come for a long lunch!

There’s something magical about The Slow’s bar and restaurant at lunchtime; soft light, perfect vibe and a soft-shell crab burger whose presentation will impress the pants off you before you’ve even taken a bite. Also the cassava fries. And the green tea noodle salad. And… look, just sit there all afternoon and order round after round. After which you can roll out of there knowing there’s nothing else you need to do for your day to feel complete. 

Happy Easter!

Drinks before dinner

The balcony at KAUM restaurant is a serene and stunningly-landscaped little terrace above the crowds at Potato Head, serving beautiful cocktails with local twists such as lemongrass and cinnamon infused spirits. If you fancy a little something to wash down with those cocktails the Gohu Ikan Tuna is the best ceviche you’ll ever have. There would be no harm in refusing the temptation to traipse around town to other food spots and just eat dinner here. Hands down the most gorgeous Indonesian food served in salubrious surrounds.

Happy Easter!

Cocktails with kids

THE LAWN sits directly on the beach in Canggu with an infinity pool bleeding onto the sand and a huge lawn (no surprises there). A perfect spot for the kids to run around while parents enjoy a coconut mojito (made with coconut water and served in a coconut - practically healthy) and don’t miss the babi guling sliders with chilli caramel and apple slaw.

Happy Easter!

Dinner for epicureans

To say anything about MEJEKAWI is almost to ruin the experience. In the hands of super-talented chef Ben Cross, this is our favourite restaurant in coastal Bali - full stop.

 Happy Easter!

Drink for no reason, day or night 

Coconut daiquiris at Saigon Street; all the calories of a full meal and the only drink worth skipping dinner for.

Happy Easter! 

Shop Stop

Gals - pop into ET CLUB in Seminyak for jaunty sandals that feel like a party on your feet. Guys - after that long lunch at The Slow, skip next door to NON-TYPE to pick up every item of clothing you’ll need to look good for the rest of the year - the lovechild of design-legacies Garreth Moody and George Gorrow, this gear makes every man look appropriately (rather than desperately) cool.

Happy Easter!

But wherever you are and whatever you might be doing this Easter, indulge and enjoy!

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