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ENDEK - ɛndˈək

The very distinctive tie-dyed woven cloth called endek is more popular with the native Balinese than with tourists. Worn all over the island for any occasion, endek is perhaps Bali's most visible craft. Scores of factories all around Gianyar and Denpasar, as well as Singaraja, manufacture this unique fabric. Using only wooden, hand-operated looms, endek is woven by the usual weft-ikat method; i.e., portions of the cloth are tied and wrapped before immersion in a dye bath. The overall effect ranges from an irregular, wavy, diffused look to the most primitive patterns. You also see triangular, zigzagging, and diamond designs, or unusual outlines of animals or masks. The fuzzy irregularities of this native cloth are hypnotic. The mottled patterns even appear to change color and shape in different angles of light.

FOOD SCIENCE - fuːd ˈsaɪəns

The Institute of Food Technologists defines food science as "the discipline in which the engineering, biological, and physical sciences are used to study the nature of foods, the causes of deterioration, the principles underlying food processing, and the improvement of foods for the consuming public"